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Inclue RSS video feed

Here's a new way to subscribe and watch the videos on my blog from your email. Check it out. Inclue is a 14-month-old company, based in Lajolla, Calif. The company has 6 employees and has received $900,000 in angel funding. What's nice about this service is that if you want to watch video blog posts from inside your email box, you can do so. The problem with the current RSS readers is that they're not rendering the videos that are being placed inside of blogs. So, if someone subscribes to, say, this blog (which has a lot of video), they would just receive a link to the video. With inclue, there is instant gratification. In three weeks, inclue will be working with Outlook Express - the free email client that comes with every copy of XP. Inclue founder/CEO Nick Gogerty says the company is also in talks with user-generated video sites to help them distribute their video content.


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