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Search "inside" the video

Gotuit Media is set to launch Monday a video-destination site for consumers. I know, I know. Yet another video destination site!?! How many more do we need? Clearly, Gotuit's library of 2,200 music videos, independent films, movie trailers isn't that compelling, when everyone else has the same stuff. Most of the content, which Gotuit is licensing, is non-exclusive. But here is where this destination site is different. If you're the type that wants to pinpoint specific action shots inside a
video, then this site is for you. For instance, if you want to watch only video takes of 3-point shots across a number of basketball games, you can do that. No longer are you limited to a few keywords to drill down inside a video. Gotuit's technology allows users to "search inside the video versus for the video," said Mark Pascarella, president of Gotuit. Now, that's unique and compelling to me. For instance, I'd love see all the final last minutes of each stage race of the Tour de France. If Gotuit had rights to this video content, I'd be able to go to Gotuit and see these action shots. 

To read more about Gotuit, go to my MarketWatch Blog: MarketWatch.bambi


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