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Ross Levinsohn on Web trends, Velocity

Two big Web luminaries - Ross Levinsohn, who was Fox Interactive Media President at the time News Corp bought MySpace, and Jonathan Miller, who was AOL CEO when the Internet company bought Advertising.com -- have finally revealed their new venture - Velocity Investmet Group. As Ross tells me in this interview, he and John knew each other for the last 15 years. They realized that they "agree on most things" about the Internet and, in fact, competed for acquisitions while they were both at their respective companies. As luck would have it, they both left their companies within two days of one another and thus began brainstorming for the last five months. Both worked on various ideas, including the idea to raise funds for their own venture. In the end, being advisers to deep-pocketed General Atlantic was the way to go. (Go to Vator.tv for more of the story.)


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