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Google - $30 or $300?

Even though I think Google ends the year above $300, some people think Google should trade closer to what it's worth -- that is $30.

Is Google worth closer to $30? That's what Ray Conley, an analyst at Palo Alto Investors, thinks. In fact, he thinks Goog 's worth $30 today, especially based on the profit and cash flow he thinks Google can earn in the future. Of course, if I applied that analysis (by using future rent) to value the homes in Marin or San Francisco, I'd price myself out. It's already happened a number of times. Yes, I know. A stock is different from a home. OK, back to Conley. While he can make a case for Goog going up to $436. He can make a case for Goog being worth $137. 

His interview received a lot of interest on MarketWatch. Watch the interview

Also Google wants to WiFi San Francisco, and it's already testing a service through a little company called Feeva.

Here's the WiFi story that aired on CBS a couple weekends ago.
Google WiFi plans in San Francisco


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