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Google's supply/demand view

Here are more snapshots of the classifieds/listings business that Google is testing, courtesy of Scot Wingo, of ChannelAdvisor. Based on the screenshots, Google appears to be testing out about 12 categories, such as recipes, housing, jobs, dates, etc., according to Wingo. This means that Google is going to compete with everyone with a listings business model, not just eBay. Google is going up against Monster, Bizrate, and even online dating sites, like Match. Google's potential advantage over other listing sites is that it has a huge buyer base that any seller would want to be in front of. Additionally, it will have knowledge of demand and supply.  While the user-generated listings will give Google a picture of supply, its knowledge of what marketers are paying for keywords will Google a picture of demand. With that information, they'll know how to target a market and make it robust, Wingo suggested.

Google Base for recipes, includes payment link & maps

Recipes, shows 'post your item here'

Customer management screen

See Wingo's blog


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