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Truveo's elevator pitch

Search is the No. 2 activity on the Web behind e-mail. As every searcher knows, it's not perfect, especially when it comes to video search. Truveo is  a new video search engine. Truveo founder Tim Tuttle gave me his elevator pitch recently while we were at the Dow Jones Consumer Venture Technology conference.

I also caught up with Ron Conway, an angel investor who was lucky enough to invest in Google when the company was just $70 million. Ron said that he's looking at companies that are creating services/software that enhances the services already provided by Google, Yahoo, MSN and InterActiveCorp's Ask Jeeves. He believes it's better to sell to those big established Net companies than burn millions creating a competitive offering.

Watch Tuttle give his elevator pitch to VC's

Watch Conway talk about why it feels a bit like 1999


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