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Search trends

How many people go to the library or bookstore and are motivated to go on a shopping spree? It's likely that those environments aren't the places that inspire anyone to shop, and that's the challenge for Answers.com, which is a site that serves the purpose of an online dictionary and encyclopedia. I'm a big Answers.com fan, but, I don't necessarily find myself prompted to shop when I'm searching for the definition of, say, sabellianism. What's more, Answers.com relies on Google for less than 20% of its audience. It's not the majority of its traffic, but a big chunk nonetheless.

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Google appears to be increasing its lead in the search-engine wars. Google currently has 39% of search query market share, according to a comScore report on search traffic in October. But Google doesn't have a clustering search technology that many people find useful. That clustering technology can be viewed by going to www.Clusty.com.

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