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New York Times television

Recently I saw a video clip of New York Times reporter David Sanger talking about his report. Next to his article on the site was a link to his video report, just in case you preferred watching or listening rather than reading. I had known his name for years from just reading his articles. Now, I'm watching him talk about them. I can't imagine the video clips are super popular. But that's to be expected in these early days of Internet video. What's more important is that the NYTimes.com is creating the image of having news in multiple formats.  Oh, the lines are blurring.  Pretty soon it will be difficult to differentiate between TV and print journalists. The New York Times Co. is exercising its right to sell its 50% stake in digital cable channel Discovery Times to Discovery Communications, according to TVweek.com The company is exiting the four-year-old joint venture because it wants to invest more in Internet video. "There is strong demand for video streaming on our Web sites and advertisers are really coveting that," said NY Times Co. President/CEO Janet Robinson. Read story from TVweek.com


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