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Video explosion

Michael Eisner just invested in Veoh Networks - one of the many Internet video channels populating the Web. If  you haven't noticed, there's been an explosion of video channels, to meet our most idiosyncratic interests, exploding on the Web.  Want to know about Zardoz, the 1974 science-fiction film? Go onto Revver.com, and you'll find 321 videos that were tagged with the label "Zardoz." Theoretically, those videos should have some relation to Zardoz. If those videos were streamed one after another, so an Internet viewer could watch the videos passively, those video streams would be akin to a channel purely devoted to Zardoz. For those with a broader with a broader scope of interest, say, soccer, there is a channel for that too. Nike on Monday unveiled a television channel for soccer-crazed kids. It's an online channel through which Nike will try to use entertaining content to subtly sell its brand and products. It's a form of "marketing entertainment," says Hilmi Ozguc, founder of Maven Networks, a four-year-old startup creating the Internet channel for Nike.

What are the implications of such diverse creative bottoms-up endeavors? Oh, where do I begin? There are a lot.  Go to MarketWatch to read my Net Sense column.


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