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Embracing MySpace

MySpace is speaking with Google and Microsoft about a search deal, according to the FT.  Such a deal shouldn't surprise anyone watching the evolution of social networks and search engines. What's surprising is that Yahoo is "less interested," according to the report. Yahoo already powers MySpace's search results.

Who will MySpace choose? I know Google is very interested.

On May 11, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told me emphatically that social networks don't make money, but that Google would like to help them make money. I asked Schmidt how that would work and whether Google would have to partner with social networks, like MySpace.  Schmidt smiled and said, "You can figure it out." Thus my conclusion in my Net Sense column two weeks ago. Google has moved into community-based searching. Communities are formed in social networks like MySpace. MySpace is seeking to build its own search engine or partner. Is there a partnership between Google and MySpace? Read Net Sense, May 11

And, is MySpace worth it? Yes. Read Net Sense, May 9: MySpace-engine.


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