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Life is a stage

Pretty soon, our entire life will be a movie. Creating our own slide show and mini-movie just keeps getting easier. Next-generation photo/video-sharing services like One True Media  should help mainstream America move beyond static photo sharing to storytelling through video montages. I tested One True Media by uploading photos of my nieces and nephew, and a video of a friend and his son (see my examples to the left).  It took me about 20 minutes to navigate through the site, figure out which videos were compatible, select videos and photos, create a music video montage and  upload to my blog. Now that's quick.  The service is fairly straightforward. There's music to choose from to accompany your video montage, and you can upload with one-click. Another feature that's useful is that you can mail all your old video tapes - beta or VHS - and have OTM transfer them into a DVD. We've come a long way from the early days of photo sharing. One True Media's business model is subscription, the sale of hard goods, and soon it'll begin testing out advertising as well.


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