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Stage 11 of the Tour de France

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Here are the Tour de France bikers climbing up Col du Tourmalet (2114 meters, 18.3 km, 7.7% grade). My group - Marty Jemison Cycling Tours - climbed this mountain a few hours before the tour came through around 1:30. It's a tough climb. But since I had my Samsung sports helmet camera on, and I was busy capturing certain moments on video, I didn't overexert myself (there were other days to do that). There are many riders who climb what's called an "hors" grade category mountain. After reaching the top - which takes the professionals 55 minutes to climb and good riders twice that time -- my group descended to about the 5k mark (from the top), and watched the tour from there. That's where this video is taken from. At the end of the day, we biked back down to our hotel in Luz and watched Floyd Landis win the stage and capture the Yellow Jersey, or "Maillot Jaune" - as they say here in France.

I've been riding parts of the stages since the tour went through Bourdeux. The first stage our group rode was Stage 9 - Bordeaux to Dax (169.5 km). I hope to post more video blogs of the tour when I get online again.


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