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Video enablers

Only 2% of the total online advertising pie was tied to video ads last year, according to eMarketer, an online marketing research company. That's only expected to rise this year to 2.3%, as online video ads are expected to rise 71% to $385 million while total advertising is expected to rise 34% to $16.7 billion in 2006.  So how will online media and video enablers funnel more dollars into video? For that answer, the best resources are the startups in my opinion. They are definitely redefining the world of video and commercials. I've noted several in my Net Sense column: Vidavee, a Manhattan-based company that's helping marketers place ads - banners, video, etc. -  at points within a video that attract the largest crowds. Gotuit, a startup that lets the audience fine-tune their searches inside a video; Vmix gives users copyrighted material to mash up with their own homegrown movies; One True Media takes makes video editing with its Web-browsing tool and Dave.tv is putting "buy now" buttons on its video-playing technology. Revver is helping amateur producers become stars, such as Fritz and Stephen (check out Eepybird.com).   The makers of the Mentos video made $30,000 so far at a $7.50 cpm.  Other companies mentioned in my Net Sense column are Jumpcut.com, Brightcove, Booyah Networks, and VideoEgg.

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