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ValleyWag: more money, less sex

Nick Denton, the founder of the popular Gawker blog, and Silicon Valley gossip site -- ValleyWag -- will begin writing for ValleyWag beginning Monday. The founder says that the 22-year-old writer, who Denton hired to write for ValleyWag since it launched in February, has stepped down from his post. He wouldn't comment on whether the writer was showed the door. Let's jus say that Denton is happy to take on this role of reporter, a position he's not been in for eight years. He's looking forward to changing the perception of ValleyWag, as a gossip site about "sex" in the Valley, to a site reaching a broader audience with less interest about trivial scandals and far more interested in the financial impact Silicon Valley has on the world. Denton is looking to bring more "money" gossip into the mix.

Read the rest of the story on my MarketWatch blog.


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