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From MarketWatch to Vator.tv

Vator.tv began as a little garage project that I started last year to help me vet startups' pitches and to give exposure to those I'd invariably overlook as a columnist.  It was always understood that if and when the company showed some traction (potential conflicts would therefore invariably arise), I would have to make the choice to stay at MarketWatch and cut ties with Vator.tv or run my venture. The time came. MarketWatch asked me if I wanted to stay full-time or if I wanted to run Vator.tv. On Friday, I decided to run Vator.tv full-time. With much regret, I'm leaving MarketWatch, my employer for eight years, as a full-time columnist and correspondent. I do hope to maintain ties.

I'm going to try my hand as an entrepreneur. I think I'm making the right decision. If I didn't make this decision, I would always regret not trying.  Go to MarketWatch to read the rest of the column.

Note about vator.tv:  It just launched Jan. 1, so the current site is really alpha rather than beta. The new and more improved site launches this month.


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