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Coming soon

Richard Rosenblatt, former Chairman of MySpace, is one of Vator.tv's investors. Andy Plesser, who's video blogging at Beet.tv, reported it today. Check out Beet.tv and AlwaysOn for the stories. The reason I mention this on my blog is because the new Vator.tv site will launch in a couple weeks. It's quite a transformation from my original garage project. The site that is currently live was just a platform to hold the video pitches.

Vator.tv isn't just about matching entrepreneurs with investors. Vator.tv is a catalyst for innovation.

Innovators often lead quiet lives of desperation. Finding value-aded collaborators, expertise and resources in an efficient fashion is more often than not an insurmountable hurdle to innovation. With greater efficiency, the innovation market could be far larger than it is today. That's what I hope Vator.tv will do for all those with great ideas.

Stay tuned.


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